Jimmy Kimmel Contemplating Ending His Late-night Talk Show After Nearly Two Decades

The Brooklyn TV personality, who has hosted 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' since 2003, admits that thinking about bringing the show to an end is very complicated for him.

AceShowbiz - Jimmy Kimmel is considering ending his late-night talk show. The Brooklyn native, who has hosted "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" since 2003, is currently contemplating his future on the program as his contract with ABC is up next year.

Speaking on "Variety Awards Circuit" podcast, Jimmy said, "I wish I knew what I was gonna do. I have moments where I go, 'I cannot do this anymore.' " He added, "And I have moments where I go, 'What am I gonna do with my life if I'm not doing this anymore?' "

"It's a very complicated thing. And there are practical considerations, and there are family and friend considerations and coworker considerations," the 54-year-old continued. "Eventually, I am going to have to stop doing this. I'm not going to do this forever. I would not be honest at all if I said that I have decided one way or the other. I'm thinking about it a lot, though."

Jimmy has previously suggested that he is worried about ending the shows as he loves the job so much. "The thing that scares me [about ending the show] is I don't know how I'll feel when I stop doing it... I could see myself going, 'OK, that's it, I'm done,' and then going home and saying, 'What did I do?' " he said.

"I think that's happened, I've seen people do that. That scares me. There's that 'what if.' What if stop doing and then I just don't know what to do with myself?" Jimmy further shared. "I want to go out on my own terms. If I ever feel like we’re repeating ourselves, I think it's a good indication that it’s time."

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