Vivica A. Fox Thinks Megan Thee Stallion's Gayle King Interview Is a 'Mistake'

The actress thinks that the Grammy-winning raptress should have waited to do the bombshell interview, in which she talked about the shooting incident involving Tory Lanez.

AceShowbiz - Vivica A. Fox shared her opinion on Megan Thee Stallion's bombshell interview with Gayle King in a recent episode of "CBS Morning". In an episode of "Cocktails with Queens on Fox Soul", Vivica revealed to her fellow co-hosts that she thought the "WAP" hitmaker should have waited to do the interview.

"I personally think it's a mistake," Vivica said to Claudia Jordan, LisaRaye McCoy and Syleena Johnson about the interview, which saw the hip-hop star detailing the shooting incident involving Tory Lanez. "If this is going to trial, the first thing you have to remember is whatever you can say and do can be used against you. I don't know who advised her to speak before the trial happens, but I don't think it was a smart idea."

"I really think that her people should've advised her, 'Until this is settled, and then you can tell your side. That's when you talk,' " she went on to say. The other ladies agreed with her, but Claudia appeared to defend Meg's decision to go forward with the interview. "I agree, I think pending a case that's in progress, it is a mistake to kind of show your cards, but I also kind of feel for her because she's been getting dragged like she's the one that shot somebody," Claudia noted. "They treat her like she's on trial and she's not. He's on trial, not her."

In response to that, Vivica said, "But that is just public opinion, which until the facts are stated and they come out, she should have kept everything that she possibly can in her file cabinet." She pointed out, "Now lawyers can take things and twists and turns."

Meanwhile, some people on the Internet felt Vivica had a point. "Aunt Vivica is speaking FACTS! Wrong time for that interview," one person commented. "That's all I'm saying, she Should've never Did that interview and she Shoulda NEVER changed her story," another person opined.

"Vivica was right on this situation this was bad timing to do this interview," someone else echoed the sentiment. "Viv right. All Tory needs is a shark of a lawyer to catalog and build up against her over the last 2 years of her backpedaling and changing stories and boom he's free," one other pointed out.

Prior to this, Megan clapped back at a Twitter user who criticized her for doing the interview. "So a man can shoot me, chop up horse legs in music videos to taunt me, pay blogs to spread false information from what's happening in court, record studio albums and make diss tracks... but when I talk to gayle king that's the last straw... F**K YALL," the Hot Girl Summer wrote on the blue bird app.

During the interview, Megan recounted the alleged shooting which took place back in July 2020. "It was an argument because I was ready to go and everybody else wasn't ready to go. But that's, like, normal friend stuff. It shouldn't have got this crazy," she detailed. Noting that it "happens so fast," she added, "And all I hear is this man screaming. And he said, 'Dance, b***h.' And he started shooting. And I'm just like, 'Oh, my God.' Like, he shot a couple of times. And I was so scared."

The Grammy winner also claimed that she didn't dare to move, adding, "if I take the wrong step I don't know if he would shoot something that's super important or he could shoot me and kill me." She went on admitting that she "was really scared" at that time "because [she] have never been shot at before."

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