Vivica A. Fox Clarifies Her Controversial Comments on Taraji P. Henson's Career Struggles
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The 59-year-old 'Independence Day' star offers clarification after she faced backlash for saying that she can't relate to her former 'Empire' co-star's career struggles.

AceShowbiz - Vivica A. Fox has offered clarification on what she meant by saying she's "good" when weighing in on Taraji P. Henson's career struggles. The "Independence Day" star set the record straight after she came under fire over her remarks.

"Every set's not gonna be pleasurable," the 59-year-old said when speaking to Loren Larosa. "You going to get there and there's going to be some surprises, the trailer ain't right or something's not right you push through. Because what's more important to myself is the work and getting the work done."

"When I said I'm good, I'm a worker, I have a tendency to not complain," she added. "I do the work. I complain afterwards, I pick up the phone, if there's a problem I call my people. That's what they're for, that's how they're supposed to earn their money."

Fox made her comments when signing autographs for fans. At the time, she was asked about the discussion of equal pay that was initiated by Henson. "You know, darling, to each his own. I'm very happy, very blessed," she responded with a shrug seen in a video obtained by TMZ.

Insisting that she didn't have the same experience as Henson, Fox added, "To each his own. I didn't have that experience, you know?" She went on noting, "But to, uh, get your peace out is important. I totally understand that. And I love my girls for looking our for each other. But, I'm good!"

After the video circulated online, social media users quickly weighed in on Fox's apparent indifference to the issue. "She didn't have that experience because she has not acted on the level Taraji has. She has not reached the levels Taraji has reached," one person shaded her.

Another similarly said of the "Kill Bill" actress' career, "her Career don't even compare." A third critic said, "I mean Vivica can't relate because she only did like 1 or 2 big motion pictures," while a fourth dissed her, "Mean girl energy Iont [sic] like that s**t."

Henson got candid about pay disparity in December 2023, claiming she was "getting paid a fraction of the cost" of white women and constantly finding herself "at the bottom" in contractual negotiations. She admitted she considered walking away from acting because she was so "tired" of the situation.

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