DJ Khaled's Doppelganger Goes Viral in Waffle House Video

The man doesn't seem to be that bothered by the comparison and even plays along with the joke as he perfectly does DJ Khaled's signature 'Another One' phrase in front of the camera.

AceShowbiz - DJ Khaled may have a secret twin. Someone recently took to Instagram to share a video of him running into the "I'm the One" hitmaker lookalike at Waffle House and the clip quickly went viral as the similarity between the two was shocking.

In the video shared by Instagram user @st.mark85, the fan could be seen approaching the man, who also sported beard just like the famed DJ. "Aye f**k that," the fan laughingly said as he began recording himself. "Y'all don't see Khaled in y'all motherf**kin Waffle House."

The fan later told the doppelganger, "Hey bro, hit 'em with that s**t." The man didn't seem to be that bothered and even played along with the joke. Looking straight into the camera, he perfectly did DJ Khaled's signature phrase, "Another one."

Some people could not believe that it wasn't the real DJ Khaled in the video. "(laughing emojis) I thought it really was him…," one user commented. Another person echoed the sentiment as saying, "No way that's not Khaled lol."

Meanwhile, some others pointed that the fan who filmed the video himself looked like a celebrity. "My boy Kendrick Lamar thooo," a user wrote. Another person also thought that the fan looked like the "All the Stars" spitter, commenting, "Kendrick meets Khaled!"

People in the comments section have been tagging DJ Khaled, hoping that he would somehow reacted to the hilarious video. As of now, the music producer has yet to comment on the matter.

Prior to this, Internet users were amused by several celebrity dopplegangers that also went viral. A Drake lookalike previously celebrated the "God's Plan" rapper's actual birthday, while a women went viral last year for being Cardi B's twin. An Alabama officer named Eric Fields also went viral for his uncanny resemblance to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

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