'Bachelor' Recap: Shanae Claims Genevieve Hooks Up With Aaron Clancy on 'Women Tell All'

In a new episode, Cassidy addresses the rumors that she was face-timing a friend, whom she hooked up with before coming to the ABC dating show, from the hotel room.

AceShowbiz - It's time for the women in "The Bachelor" season 26 to share their stories on "Women Tell All" on Monday, March 7. The episode featured Claire, Kate, Hunter, Jill, Elizabeth, Marlena, Cassidy, Kira, Eliza, Shanae, Sarah, Lyndsey, Mara, Sierra, Genevieve, Teddi and Serene.

In the episode, the ladies were shocked after hearing what Shanae said about them. Sierra even dared Shanae to call her a b***h to her face. Things got heated, prompting host Jesse Palmer to tell them to calm down.

Later in the episode, Cassidy addressed the rumors that she was face-timing a friend, whom she hooked up with before coming to the show, from the hotel room. While Cassidy claimed that people took issue with her having casual sex with someone else prior to the show, Hunter clarified that it was not because she had sex, but it was because she had the guy on hold, just in case.

Some ladies also came to Shanae with Lyndsey saying, "Shanae, being around you is a lose-lose situation." She added, "We could be polite to you and if we were polite and nice, we were two-faced b***hes. But if I distanced myself from you, then we were bullies. Watching it all back, I realize now that you're the bully. From the bottom of my heart, f**k you, Shanae."

Jesse later took Shanae into the actual hot seat to get a chance to explain herself. "Elizabeth and I were friends on day one," Shanae said, addressing her drama with Elizabeth. "Day two it was night and day with our 'friendship.' It went downhill from there. She was toxic. She'd ignore me, she wouldn't acknowledge me. If you wanna be all those things, that's fine, but don't call me your friend and then lie about it."

Elizabeth was confused about why Shanae thought they were such good friends when they only had one conversation on day one. Shanae, however, stood firm of her actions and accused Elizabeth of being "two-faced" and a "liar."

Later, Genevieve was brought to the hot seat to join Shanae so they could discuss their two-on-one date. Genevieve was upset that Shanae said she was acting on the date, while Shanae was the one who bragged in confessionals that she was the one acting to win over Clayton Echard.

"After I got eliminated, I went home and I was grieving," Shanae shared. She then made a bombshell accusation against Genevieve, saying, "I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, lost weight. Then you get eliminated and you go home and f**k Aaron [Clancy] from Katie [Thurston]'s season [of 'The Bachelorette]."

Genevieve denied the claims, saying that she only met Aaron at a bar but she never hooked up with him. Shanae, however, insisted that her hanging out with another man after the elimination proved Genevieve never really cared about Clayton to begin with.

"If you're so into someone, but you're not going home to focus on yourself and do your own thing, you're hanging with Bachelor Nation?" Shanae said. "Why would you do that? That's a red flag to me."

At the end of the episode, Shanae refused to apologize for any of her actions, much to everyone's shock. "I'm honestly just very glad that America got to see everything that you are," Genevieve said. "You have manipulated every person here, including Clayton, and everyone sees that."

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