'Bachelor' Recap: One Woman Is Sent Home Over Her 'Manipulative' Boasting

A new episode of the long-running ABC dating competition show sees Clayton and the remaining ladies taking a trip to Vienna, Austria ahead of Hometown Dates.

AceShowbiz - In a new episode of "The Bachelor", Clayton Echard and the remaining ladies took a trip to Vienna, Austria. According to the official synopsis, "The stakes couldn't be higher for Clayton as the realization hits that hometowns are right around the corner."

The episode saw Clayton talking to Sarah as the other ladies told him that Sarah wasn't ready for marriage or kids. Sarah managed to convince Clayton that she was ready for something serious. He also gave her the one-on-one date rose. Sarah returned confidently, and it did tick off Mara, who was the one who first said that Sarah wasn't ready.

Mara later confronted Sarah, accusing her of being cocky and manipulative. "Confidence is great," Mara said. "Overconfidence is not cute and that's kind of where you're headed … It would behoove you to take a little step back in your comments."

Later in the Rose Ceremony, Clayton handed out the roses to Susie, Serene, Gabby, so the three joined Genevieve, Teddi, Sarah, and Rachel in the safe team. Mara and Eliza, meanwhile, were eliminated.

Susie then was given the first one-on-one date in Austria. She and Clayton enjoyed a "Pretty Woman" date which made her feel like it was "a fairy tale." Susie gushed, "I just feel like today just brought us so much closer. He made a point to tell me what he sees in me and that is why I think it meant so much."

She then went to the Schonbrunn Palace, where Clayton was waiting for her outside. The pair enjoyed the date with Clayton giving Susie the rose.

For the final group date, it featured Sarah, Teddi, Rachel and Gabby. As Vienna is the birthplace of Sigmund Freud and the "hometown of modern psychotherapy," they would be invited to do a practice that's all about "unveiling the deepest layers of fears, emotions, anxieties." The girls, especially Genevieve, freaked out because she didn't feel comfortable to be vulnerable.

After each of the girls went to Dr. Katherine for a session, the doctor gathered Clayton and the women. She thanked the ones who shared "honest" emotions, while noting that some others were not being honest. "To think that someone is putting on act is very scary at this point in the journey," he told the women at the beginning of the post-date cocktail party. "So, if there's anything that you all know that I'm not seeing, I would like to know."

That was when Rachel told him about how Sarah boasted her first one-on-one date during which she claimed she and Clayton "were crying together." Clayton told Rachel that "there's no truth to it."

With more women came to him with similar story about how Sarah's boasting made them feel they didn't stand a chance with him, he confronted Sarah. "I've been hearing that women in the house have felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave, based on what they were hearing [from you]," he said.. "They felt that that there was no chance … Like, you and I had this extremely strong connection where, like, I had already made my decision."

"I've been a sounding board for them," she cried. "I've listened to them when they've cried, and I've celebrated with them when they were happy. But then when it comes to me, I'm not allowed to feel anything!" She even pulls out the "I've thought about leaving" card, too. Clayton, however, wasn't having it. "I'm just gonna be real with you," he told Sarah. "I really feel like you were trying to fake-cry to me. It didn't feel genuine at all … And I think we're done." Sarah was sent home.

It was then time for the last one-on-one date with Serene. She and Clayton enjoyed their time together before having dinner at Belvedere Palace. She got the rose and shared a kiss in front of Gustav Klimt's classic painting "The Kiss."

At the Rose Ceremony, it was revealed that the final four were Susie, Serene, Rachel and Gabby. Teddi was unfortunately eliminated.

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