Tiny's Daughter Zonnique Doubles Down on Not Spoiling Her Baby Girl After Backlash

In an Instagram Live, the 25-year-old daughter of Tiny Harris insists that she's not going to spend her 'hard-earned money' on maintaining glamorous lifestyle for her daughter Hunter.

AceShowbiz - Zonnique Pullins isn't letting parenting police dictate her how she should raise her daughter. After sparking criticism for the way she treats her one-year-old girl Hunter, the daughter of Tiny Harris a.k.a. Tameka Cottle has doubled down on her remark that she is not spoiling her daughter.

Zonnique went on Instagram Live on late Tuesday, January 11 to address the backlash. "I'm all over the blogs because I said my child wasn't nobody? Yep, I did, and I meant like a celebrity," she said. "I meant like she's not a celebrity like obviously, she is because the streets can't stop talking about her."

The mother of one claimed that even though she doesn't spoil her daughter, Hunter has been spoiled by her other family members. She explained, "I said I wasn't going to spoil. Ir, I was joking. Obviously, she's spoiled already. If I don't spoil her, she has a million other family members that will. That's the thing so y'all want to be all up on the hoopla about my child, I don't get it."

Zonnique further claimed that Hunter has been living comfortably despite her remarks, stating, "Y'all got my kid f**ked up. She own hella toys, and she own way more clothes than y'all got in your closet right now, I'm telling you… But the fact still remains I won't be spoiling her, so y'all can put me on the blogs all y'all want to. I'm not about to be buying Hunter toys every day."

"Because why not? Why is that hurting Hunter cause I said she ain't nobody?" she continued. "Is that hurting y'all feelings like bad? Like, y'all think she going to grow up and say like damn my mama said I was nobody. She's already somebody that's what y'all don't get so me saying that don't change nothing. If Hunter was nobody, y'all wouldn't be putting her on no weak a** blog sites."

Zonnique then insisted that she's not going to spend her "hard-earned money" on maintaining a glamorous lifestyle for her daughter. "I'm not about to be out here," she said, "mother f**king spending all of my hard-earned money to make sure she has this glamorous life because she already got it. She live good. She got her own bed, and she got her own bathroom that she can't even use."

Zonnique earned backlash after saying in a TikTok video that she only had a handful of toys for her one-year-old daughter. The stepdaughter of T.I. then quipped that her daughter shouldn't expect to have tons of toys just because her grandparents are T.I. and Tiny.

"Those are Hunter's toys. She has an option to play with these toys every day, and that's it, b***h. That's it," she said in the video. This led to people assuming that she used the word "b***h" to refer to her daughter.

Her mother Tiny was quick to defend her. "U guys reaching again huh! [eye roll emojis]," the singer responded after someone reposted the video with a voiceover that said, "I'm concerned. Why Zonnique talking about her daughter like this."

When someone defended Zonnique by saying, "I hate the fact that everything gets so blown out of proportion then it be the fake pages with so much to say but won't show their faces," the former Xscape member agreed as writing, "Always‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️"

Another critic pointed out, "Nothing funny about calling your own daughter a b***h and acted like she asked to be born." To this allegation, Tiny stressed, "Gurl, she ain't called that baby no b***h! & she ain't jealous of s**t!!"

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