Leonardo DiCaprio Raised Objection to Meryl Streep's Naked Scene in New Movie

According to director Adam McKay, the 'Titanic' actor had an issue with his 72-year-old co-star's nude scene in their upcoming star-studded film called 'Don't Look Up'.

AceShowbiz - Leonardo DiCaprio had a "problem" with co-star Meryl Streep's nude scene in their upcoming movie "Don't Look Up". Although it was just a body double, the actor still expressed his concerns to director Adam McKay.

"He said something to me like, 'Do you really need to show that?' And I was like, 'It's President Orlean; it's not Meryl Streep,' " the filmmaker recalled in an interview with The Guardian.

Apparently Leo was protective of the 72-year-old actress. "Leo just views Meryl as film royalty … although maybe royalty is not a compliment … but as such a special figure in the history of film. He didn't like seeing her with the lower-back tattoo, walking for a second naked," the director explained.

While Leo was unsure, Meryl was down with the naked scene. "She is fearless," McKay gushed. "She didn't even blink. She didn't even bring it up."

"Don't Look Up" is a satirical sci-fier about two astronomers trying to warn about an approaching comet that could destroy planet Earth. Meryl Streep plays President Janie Orlean while Leonardo DiCaprio stars as one of the astronomers and Jennifer Lawrence portrays the other scientist.

The movie is a star-studded affair with the likes of Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Timothee Chalamet, Ron Perlman, and Ariana Grande among the supporting cast members.

"I had a couple of people I wanted right from the jump. Like, I wrote the roles for Jennifer Lawrence and Rob Morgan. I sort of had Meryl Streep in mind, but you never dare to think that you're going to get her," McKay explained how the film ended up with a number of A-listers.

"When she signed on, it then became just a cascading effect. And then when Leonardo DiCaprio came in, I realized there was this happy accident, where this stellar cast was actually enforcing the point of view of the movie: that we're constantly distracted by celebrity and bright colors, and low news versus high news, and contrarian points of view."

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