Offset Makes Fan Cry After Paying for Her Items in Target

The 'Bad and Boujee' spitter finds himself being showered with compliments by online users after a video of his generous act makes its way on social media.

AceShowbiz - Offset has proven to the world that he cares about his surroundings. The "Bad and Boujee" rapper recently made one female fan cry during a grocery shopping in Target after he paid for all of her items.

In a video that made its way on Instagram on Sunday, November 28, the 29-year-old emcee was seen embracing the fan who cried tears of joy. Before leaving the cashier, the woman told the hip-hop star, "Thank you."

Alongside the footage, there's a note that read, "Thank you soooo soo much @offsetyrn for making my mom and familys' day today." The message added, "We are beyond grateful & thank you so much again taking care of our purchase from Target!"

Many have since applauded Offset for his kindness. One person gushed, "He really seems to be so kind and gentle. This was awesome of him." Another raved, "Love to see it. I interviewed him once when he was giving back before and when we were talking about it the, excitement in his voice when discussing how he loves to give back and why was so dope to me." Someone else added, "We Need More Of This And You Gotta Be Rich To Help Someone Out Well Done Offset."

Offset's generous act came more than a week after he reunited with his brother, who has been released from jail after a fifteen-year prison sentence. At that time, the one-third of Migos shared on Instagram Story a video of him excitedly greeting his brother as he jumped out of a car. The siblings then hugged each other.

The husband of Cardi B later took his brother to get a haircut before helping him get new clothes and going to the studio. After that, the reunited siblings gathered with their big family in a restaurant to celebrate his freedom.

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