DaBaby Draws Backlash for Not Supporting Three-Month-Old Daughter's Neck in New 'Corny' Video

While many people express their concerns about the baby's neck, some others take issue with the caption of the footage that the 'ROCKSTAR' hitmaker shares on Instagram.

AceShowbiz - DaBaby might need to learn how to hold an infant. The "ROCKSTAR" hitmaker recently faced backlash for not supporting his young daughter's neck in a new Instagram video, which some people dubbed "corny."

The Ohio native, who shares the baby girl with DaniLeigh, shared the clip in question on Sunday morning, November 28. The footage saw him holding his three-month-old daughter's hands instead of supporting her head while dancing to Nelly's "Hot in Here".

In the caption, DaBaby wrote, "Imagine thinking it's sweet enough to play w/ my kids then boom.... I whip out & burn yo a** n front of everybody & walk away w/ the str8 face." He added, "Let this fame s**t fool you into thinking I'm not living & dying for ALL mines."

"Aint s**t changed, The FIRST one of y'all I catch playing in person I'm doin you dat. So y'all n***as be safe," the 29-year-old emcee continued. "Daddy love you baby. Can't wait to put ya boyfriend on a T-Shirt."

While DaBaby turned off his comment section, he still failed to avoid criticism from online users. One person in particular argued, "This can go south really bad. The baby's neck is not strong enough for all of that." Another person urged him, "Hold her head and shut up." A third then echoed the sentiment, "He need to hold that poor baby neck."

The heat didn't stop there, more came forward with one noting, "Boy if you dont hold her head & neck. Dani get da baby nowwww!" Someone else chimed in, "Not him throwing the baby's head around every where."

Some others, on the other hand, took issue with DaBaby's caption. "He's so corny for putting this caption up… like I'm not slandering that's he's providing for his child but he could've keep all of the extra s**t to himself." A different user raged, "He get on my nerves bad, talk too damn much!"

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