DaBaby Spends Thanksgiving With Baby Mama Meme After DaniLeigh Altercation

The 'Rockstar' hitmaker and her ex Meme's Instagram Stories appear to show that they are spending time together in Florida following drama with his other baby mama.

AceShowbiz - DaBaby is leaving behind his drama with DaniLeigh by spending the Thanksgiving weekend with his other baby mama. The rapper is in Florida where he recently hosted an album release party and it seems like his ex Meme is with him.

Internet sleuths have been speculating about DaBaby and Meme's whereabouts after gathering evidence from their social media activities. While they didn't appear in any content together, their posts hinted that they are in the same place.

On Friday, November 26, the 29-year-old star posted on his Story a video of him relaxing under a palm tree, chatting with followers about eating stingrays. Suspiciously, Meme shared on her own Story a video of her with the background of palm trees, which look similar to the one in DaBaby's video. "A place for a playa," Meme captioned the footage.

Additionally, DaBaby has posted a video showing his son with Meme playing with her other kid from a previous relationship near a pool. Meme, meanwhile, shared a photo of her elder son posing in what looks like the same place.

DaBaby hosted an album release party in West Palm Beach on Thursday to celebrate the release of his EP "Back on My Baby Jesus Sh!t Again", which was dropped digitally and on streaming services on November 12.

When DaBaby got involved in a heated argument with DaniLeigh last week, Meme weighed in and appeared to shade the "Breakfast Can Wait" singer. She posted a picture of a confused cartoon character and added Yung Miami's new song, "Rap Freaks" in the post.

She also said in a video, "Baby, it ain't fun when the rabbit got the gun. It's crazy how the motherf**ker was turned, and that's the moral of the story. It's backwards for you to ever have a problem with any female he's involved with, dealing with, you don't have that right, you get what I'm saying?"

Catching wind of the diss, DaniLeigh later responded, "why every time I'm viral this girl wanna post about me?!!! U know where tf I am!! I've reached out to be cordial plenty of times!!! No one stole 'your man' cause he wasn't yours !"

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