Despite getting death threats 'for about 6 months,' the 'Wipe Me Down' rapper says he stands behind his insensitive comments and insists that he is 'proud' to 'speak up for people who can't talk.'

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) is opening up about how his homophobic rant against Lil Nas X has affected him. In a new interview, the "Wipe Me Down" rapper revealed that he received death threats from social media trolls.

During the interview with VladTV, the 39-year-old musician unveiled that he's been getting death threats "for about 6 months." He added that most of the hate was coming from online trolls rather than in real life. "All my gay fans love me," he said. "I don't even know where the other hate be comin' from...I don't have problems from gay people when I see them. I really just have problems on social media."

Despite getting death wishes, Boosie said that he stands behind his homophobic comments. "I'm proud to be the person to speak up for people who can't talk," the "Bad Azz" artist shared. He then admitted that he once hung up on his mother after she told him to "shut the f**k up" about Lil Nas X.

"You know, my momma tell me 'shut up.' My momma told me the other day, 'Shut the f**k up.' Called my phone… 'Shut the f**k up. Stop talking about all that s**t,' " Boosie recalled. In response, the rapper said, "You sit down, ma. I don't want to hear that." He then added, "You know, not trying to be disrespectful to my mom but I hung up on her."

Boosie further claimed that Lil Nas X was the one who's trolling him, so he's responding to being called out. "You know, you don't play with no gangsta, bruh. That's not an opp of mine," he said. "What you are, you can't play with me. I'm a gangsta. That's what I'm tellin' my momma. Like, 'Momma, he can't play with me. I'm a gangsta.' "

Previously, Boosie himself admitted that he doesn't "hate" Lil Nas X and he still listens to his music. "Man, I ain't got nothing against that dude to where I hear his music and go run and turn it off. Man, y'all people lost, man. I don't hate that dude," the "Goat Talk 3" artist said during an Instagram Live earlier this month after Lil Nas X's "Industry Baby" featuring Jack Harlow was played in the background.

"Like, bruh. Y'all people lost, bruh," Boosie added. The Louisiana native went on to explain that he "just put people in they [sic] place when they are out of line, bruh." He further stressed, "I don't hate dude, bruh."

Boosie's beef with Lil Nas X started after Boosie attacked the "Old Town Road" artist when defending DaBaby amid his Rolling Loud controversy in July. After the Grammy-winning rapper claimed that he's working on a new track with Boosie, the latter went on to attack the "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" hitmaker with homophobic rant and suggested him to commit suicide.

However, Lil Nas X vowed in October that he's going to leave their feud behind. "Last time I was on Live, I said some s**t that had me going through an entire week of s**t," Lil Nas X told his fans. "I said a certain thing about a certain person, so I'm just gonna leave that s**t alone 'cause it's boring honestly. It gets boring."

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