The 'MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)' hitmaker admits that he has to go through an entire week of 's**t' after getting trolled constantly by the 'Bad Azz' artist.

AceShowbiz - Lil Nas X is getting bored with controversy involving Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie). The "Industry Baby" hitmaker has vowed that he's going to "leave" the feud behind after getting trolled frequently by the "Wipe Me Down" rapper.

On Friday, October 29, the "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" hitmaker went live on Instagram. During his live session, the 22-year-old rapper said, "Last time I was on Live, I said some s**t that had me going through an entire week of s**t."

Without naming names, Lil Nas X continued, "I said a certain thing about a certain person, so I'm just gonna leave that s**t alone 'cause it's boring honestly." Stressing further, he told his followers, "It gets boring."

The beef between the artists began after Boosie attacked Lil Nas X with homophobic rant using slurs and suggesting him to kill himself following the "Old Town Road" spitter's joke that he's "been working" with Boosie for a new song. "Stop trolling me f****t Lol. U a whole b***h playing with a gangsta SMH U can keep sucking d**k n getting f**ked n your a** n peace," Boosie wrote via Twitter.

"N #uhateyourself I would too if I was you LOL," Boosie continued. Further expressing his hatred towards Lil Nas X, the "Bad Azz" artist said, "NasX if you #commitsuicide you would do this world a huge favor Nobody wants U here."

Responding to Boosie, Lil Nas X wrote on the blue bird app, "I am truly saddened. i have never been so mortified in my life." He added, "I can't believe disney channel has yet to play halloween town this entire October."

Boosie then claimed that he has "international love." The Baton Rouge star also insisted that he doesn't "hate" gay people after being defended by Big Freedia. "THANK U @bigfreedia. N THOSE WHO WHO THINK I HATE GAYS R LOST [double exclamation mark emoji] but I'm go let y'all keep taking up for someone who says 'F**K YOUR KIDS' SMH #sad #sad," he wrote.

While Boosie found his support in the "Karaoke" raptress, Lil Nas X was defended by his father, Robert Stafford, and his brother, Robert Sleepy. "How the hell you're a gangsta rapper promoting drugs, gun violence, degrading women and getting high every video talking about you're for the kids man sit your old man looking a** down," his father wrote.

In the meantime, his brother said that he doubted the "Wipe Me Down" rapper would apologize. "Boosie if u apologize we might give you a #1 [laughing emojis]," he tweeted. In a following post, he quipped, "Doubt it though."

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