Playboi Carti Breaks Silence After Rioting Fans Shut Down His Houston Concert

It was previously reported that the 'Whole Lotta Red' rapper's concert at Houston's NRG Park on Saturday night, October 23 was shut down due to security concerns.

AceShowbiz - Playboi Carti has seemingly reacted to the madness in his Houston concert that eventually forced him to cancel his show. The "Whole Lotta Red" rapper took to his Twitter account on Monday, October 25 to write some cryptic messages that many believed were about the riot.

"HARDcore," the rapper penned on the blue bird app. He then added in a separate tweet, "Cult."

Playboi Carti sent out cryptic tweet

Playboi Carti sent out cryptic tweet.

It was unknown what Carti was trying to say with those tweets. However, most fans believed that he was referring to the chaos ahead of his scheduled appearance at Houston's NRG Park on Saturday night.

It was previously reported that Carti's concert was shut down due to security concerns. In some videos which were circulating on social media, some fans could be seen breaching security barriers around the arena and rushing the venue which caused a chaos.

The situation led a number of police officers to order the crowd to leave the stadium. It is unknown if anyone got arrested or injured amid the riot. As for the NRG officials, they promised concertgoers a refund following the canceled show.

The cancellation arrived after chaos ensued at Carti's show back in August. At the time, fans of Miley Cyrus claimed that they got stuck in a mosh pit from the Atlanta MC's set at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Blaming the rapper's fans, one Miley stan wrote on Snapchat, "Don't go to a carti concert his fans are insane someone punched my contact out people were passing out [someone] had a seizure ppl were / are bleeding."

Another person, meanwhile, shared a screenshot of a conversation with one concertgoer. "Bro cuz it was a ton of Miley girl stans," the person penned. "Waiting for miley. They had no clue what was comin. I tried to warn em. Yes Miley went after them. So there was a ton of 4'11 white girls in tht b***h literally crying it was awful."

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