Meek Mill Under Fire for 'Hyper-Sexualizing' Black Women Through His 'Expensive Pain' Cover Art

While the 'Going Bad' spitter has yet to address the backlash over the album art, which depicts the imagery of naked black women, Killer Mike comes to his defense, saying, 'it's art.'

AceShowbiz - Meek Mill has come under fire over "Expensive Pain" cover art. After he had public buses wrapped with the artwork, which depicts the imagery of naked black women, the "Going Bad" rapper was accused of "hyper-sexualizing" them.

The 34-year-old also shared the album cover on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. In the picture, one woman is seen bending over with her legs open. Two others, meanwhile, expose their breast and butts.

Many on Twitter have since blasted Meek. "Imma just say it , I f**kin hate how black women are hyper-sexualized in the media. That Meek Mill bus is absolutely dreadful, do y'all see White, Asian, Hispanic or any other race put out art images of their women naked on city busses? No didn't f**kin think so," one person argued.

"Why meek mill got naked black women bent over, coochie out, painted on the side of a damn bus driving through the streets?" another user questioned. "At some point black women have got to shut s**t down like this."

One man, on the other hand, lashed out at Meek through a video that is now viral. "Look at this bus that goes by my neighborhood. What the f**k is this... Is this what you want, Black women? Look at this s**t," the man yelled in the clip as he showed the rapper's tour bus. "Is this how you want to be respected in life?"

"This is how you want to be portrayed? Stand up for this bulls**t," he fumed. "This is f**king disgusting... This is on the side of a bus where little girls can pull up and see this s**t."

Meek has yet to react to the backlash. However, fellow MC Killer Mike has come to his defense. "It's art. Absolutely. We as a society see naked humans in art in museums. We should also be cultured enough as adults & parents to have a convo about nudity & art with our children. I say this as a parent, rapper & a High Museum of ART Board member. Love & Respect Doc," he wrote on Twitter in response to the criticism.

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