Meek Mill Trolled After Seeking Business Tips on X
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Immediately, the 36-year-old Philadelphia rapper tweet is met with trolling comments in the replies with one asking, 'How you a millionaire with zero connections.'

AceShowbiz - Meek Mill may have asked the wrong people. The Philadelphia rapper was clowned online for asking his followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, some business tips despite being a millionaire.

"I need a person in china to source products for my companies," the hip-hop star wrote on Saturday, April 13. He further asked, "anybody online that’s popular for doing that and connecting with businesses in America?"

Immediately, his tweet was met with trolling comments in the replies. "Bruh just use Alibaba lmfaooo," one fan joked. Someone else questioned, "How you a millionaire with zero connections."

Someone else, meanwhile, clowned Meek for using X to find some answers instead of going to search engines. "I swear meek thinks twitter is google," one person said. However, some others were helpful to Meek.

That aside, Meek reignited his beef with Wale while reacting to a photo of his former friend Dean and Wale hanging out. "Wale never liked me … now ima treat him like the streets every time I see him … I gave him 1000 chances these guys be thinking they linking with the enemy clown a** n***a I wish I woulda knew the other day I woulda stretched you!" the Dream Chasers boss claimed.

He continued in a separate post, "I feel an away I woulda just made wale dip my son was there he was tryna take pics with Rubin like a Groupie lol now he sitting around bum opps in Philly … how did these guys get this secretly jealous of me lol they went broke!"

Meek's comment didn't go unnoticed by Wale, who replied, "When u get in other people unserious drama in this industry 90pct of the time they be back friends." He continued, "Eventually ..and then u look silly... in the end... so I love minding my business. If a photo can create such vitriol , one has to ask himself some questions. Happy Monday."

The "Expensive Pain" rapper was triggered by the reply as he fired back, "This why the rap game screwed along of n***as be having these secretly jealous vibes... You can't do songs or tours with them lol he's always been jealous of me but tryna link with meek haters intentionally ..wale killed all his relationships dont come around again with bad energy!"

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