The two Academy Award-winning actors play low-level astronomers who are anxious about a potential end of the world, but the president ignores their warning.

AceShowbiz - The first teaser trailer of Adam McKay's new film "Don't Look Up" is here for fans' viewing pleasure. Making its way online, the sneak peek highlights Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio's characters who are anxious about a potential end of the world.

Looking distressed, DiCaprio's Dr. Randall Mindy has trouble breathing as he talks to himself in the restroom. He seemingly tries to calm himself, repeatedly saying, "You're here now." He and Lawrence's Dr. Kate Dibiasky later have a meeting with President Janie Orlean (Meryl Streep), but she and her son / Chief of Staff Jason Orlean (Jonah Hill) disregard the potential threat to Earth.

"There's a comet headed directly towards Earth," Dr. Dibiasky states. Dr. Mindy stresses, "This will affect the entire planet," but the president diminishes their warning as claiming, "You know how many 'the world is ending' meetings we've had over the last two years?"

Set to ominous music, the sneak peek later offers a glimpse at some chaotic scenes. The more-than-one-minute video also teases the star-studded cast, which includes Ariana Grande, Tyler Perry, Timothee Chalamet and Cate Blanchett among many others.

Rob Morgan stars as Dr. Clayton "Teddy" Oglethorpe, a scientist who aids Dibiasky and Mindy on their quest. Mark Rylance, Ron Perlman, Matthew Perry, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis are also joining the cast.

"Don't Look Up" tells the story of two low-level astronomers who must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth. It is written and directed by McKay, who is best known for his awards-nominated movies "The Big Short" and "Vice (2018)".

Speaking to EW, DiCaprio recently said the script "struck an important chord concerning the modern world we live in." He said of the message conveyed in the movie, "Adam has woven an incredibly timely message about society, how we communicate, our current priorities, and the climate crisis into an absurdly funny yet important movie."

The sci-fi black comedy is set to receive a limited theatrical release on December 10, prior to streaming on Netflix on December 24.

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