Miley Cyrus' Fans Get Stuck in Playboi Carti's Lollapalooza Mosh Pit

Many on Twitter believe that putting the 'Midnight Sky' singer's set directly after the 'Miss the Rage' rapper's at the Chicago festival is not 'a good idea.'

AceShowbiz - Miley Cyrus' fans were put into an unexpected situation at Lollapalooza. Many of them, who were waiting for the "Midnight Sky" singer's performance right after Playboi Carti's , got stuck in a mosh pit from the Atlanta rapper's set at the Chicago festival.

On Friday, July 30, Miley's stans voiced their frustrations on social media. One in particular penned on Snapchat, "Don't go to a carti concert his fans are insane someone punched my contact out people were passing out [someone] had a seizure ppl were / are bleeding."

Someone then shared a screenshot of a conversation with one concertgoer. "Bro cuz it was a ton of Miley girl stans," the person wrote. "Waiting for miley. They had no clue what was comin. I tried to warn em. Yes Miley went after them. So there was a ton of 4'11 white girls in tht b***h literally crying it was awful."

One video circulating on Twitter saw a number of women screaming as they were trapped in the rage. "This is what happens when you have Playboi Carti playing right before Miley Cyrus.. you can literally see the horror in every single persons face individually," so read the text alongside the clip.

The footage of the chaos has since gone viral, prompting Twitter users to call out Lollapalooza officials for the lineup. An individual argued, "who on the Lolla lineup committee thought it was a good idea to put PLAYBOI CARTI before Miley Cyrus?" Another added, "The worst thing they could of done is put Playboi Carti before Miley Cyrus." A third pointed out, "na whoever made playboi carti go on right before miley cyrus is so sick."

One person tweeted, "@lollapalooza played the Miley Cyrus fans. Why would you put @playboicarti before Miley? His sets are wild. Ragers. Party in the USA ain't about that life. Poor tweens." Someone else chimed in, "Who thought putting Miley Cyrus's set directly after Playboi Carti's set was a good idea, i feel so bad for some of them fans, they didn't know what was coming."

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