Michael Che Claims His Instagram Was Hacked After Backlash Over Simone Biles Jokes
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After wiping his Instagram page clean and returning to the platform, the 'Saturday Night Live' star suggests that 'somebody tryna turn us against each other.'

AceShowbiz - Michael Che steered clear of the controversy surrounding Simone Biles jokes posted on his Instagram page. After receiving backlash over the tasteless jokes that mocked the artistic gymnast for pulling out of Olympics, the comedian claimed that his Instagram page was hacked.

"maaannnn, i got hacked today. cant believe they got me," Michael posted on his Story on Thursday, July 30. "yall kno i only do jokes about whites and cops. s'all good now, i changed my password and everything.. "

"anyway, ya'll hear about dababy tho..? thats crazy..iight. see yall at church. imma get there early," he wrote, referencing the controversy sparked by DaBaby's homophobic remarks he made at the Rolling Loud music festival last week.

Michael also deleted all his posts on Thursday night, before returning on Friday. He, however, later claimed that his account got hacked again. "Mannnn, yall not gonna belive this s**t.. I got hacked again," he wrote. He added in the caption of the only post that's now available on his feed, "clearly somebody tryna turn us against each other. i dunno why.."

Earlier on Thursday, Michael allegedly posted on his Instagram Story, "Man, I wanna make fun of Simone Biles. I got like 3 mins of Simone Biles jokes in my head. Im going to the cellar tonight to say them into a microphone. As the dorky kids say I'm choosing violence."

He then proceeded to share jokes from other Instagram users on his Story and rated the jokes out of 10. "Larry Nassar understands Simone Biles better than anyone. He too had to quit doing what he loved at the pinnacle of his career because of mounting pressure," read one of the jokes, to which Michael responded, "goddamn, thats rough. absolutely tasteless. 9/10."

Another joked, "Who said black don't crack?" and the "Saturday Night Live" star responded with "now thats a good joke. economical. referential. balanced. good job. 8/10."

Following the tasteless jokes, Michael was slammed on Twitter. "Michael Che is trash," one person blasted the funnyman. Another didn't buy his explanation that he got hacked, "Not Michael Che using the same IG font as his 'hacker.' "

Another added, "Yes @nbcsnl @nbc is on hiatus, but doesn't Michael Che have an @HBO deal too? It'd be a great time to act on all the big talk of listening to Black women, and drop that talent-free wastrel who constantly maligns us. We have receipts for years but this latest stunt is inexcusable." Podcaster Carolyn Hinds also weighed in, "Michael Che - and all of these tacky ass clowns who call themselves comedians need to keep Simone's name out their damb mouths."

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