The 'Hillbilly Bone' crooner and the former No Doubt frontwoman choose to enjoy 'some quiet time' in Oklahoma after their wedding instead of going to a romantic vacation.

AceShowbiz - Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have yet to go on honeymoon, due to the former No Doubt star's love of flowers.

The country singer told radio host Storme Warren on SiriusXM's "The Storme Warren Show" that while he and Gwen married on 3 July (21) at Shelton's Oklahoma ranch, they have yet to celebrate their union with a post-wedding holiday.

Instead, they enjoyed the "calm" in the state where they live as well as the local wildflower landscape.

"We haven't (gone on honeymoon) yet," he said. "We still are probably going to…we did have some time after the wedding, just she and I, but you know... we just wanted something calm for a minute and not to run off and then go do something else," he explained.

"So we just stayed there in Oklahoma and just had some quiet time, just she and I…she's realising that the agriculture part of Oklahoma, and the things that you can do, and her passion is - outside of music - flowers."

Expanding about his new wife's love of flowers, Blake explained, "This last spring, when we had time, we went and planted like a few acres of just Zinnias…we've had all this rain this year and wildflowers, acres of those things. She's in absolute heaven with that. So she wouldn't have wanted to leave anyway, because she can just literally walk out there and stand in acres of those things. And she loves it. I do too. It's cool."

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