In the film based on a short story by science fiction writer Robert Sheckley, the 'Big Little Lies' actress will star opposite 'Bad Education' actor/creator Jack Whitehall.

AceShowbiz - Shailene Woodley is preparing to star in her first big comedy from one of the writers of "Borat" and "Bruno".

"Robots (2021)", which was co-penned and will be directed by Anthony Hines, will mark a change of pace for the actress, who is best known for her more dramatic roles in the "Divergent" film franchise and Emmy-winning TV hit "Big Little Lies".

In the film, Shailene will play a gold digger who is forced to team up with a womanizer in the "fast-paced comedy," as they pursue robot doubles of themselves, who have fallen in love and run off together. It's based on a short story by science fiction writer Robert Sheckley.

British "Bad Education" star Jack Whitehall has been cast opposite Woodley.

"At a time when comedies are needed more than ever, I couldn't be more delighted than to have Shailene and Jack team up to play the leads in this movie," Hines told Variety.

Production is expected to begin this summer in New Mexico.

Shailene was most recently seen in Netflix's "The Last Letter from Your Lover". When speaking about the Augustine Frizzell-directed drama, she told Entertainment Weekly, "Before I even read the script I was inclined to say yes. I had been really wanting to work with Augustine and just loved her as a human being… Then I read the script and it was really beautifully executed."

"I don't feel like there's a lot of movies that are told this way and are also executed in a way that's thoroughly entertaining and intelligent," she continued. "You recognize the struggles that come with being a woman, specifically in that time era, making decisions for herself and choosing a path that perhaps isn't the most well-worn, yet is the most fulfilling."

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