Sharing one of his 13-month-old son Wyatt's milestones, the CNN anchor reveals his reaction was unlike what others would've expected as he wishes that Benjamin would've told him white lie.

AceShowbiz - Anderson Cooper makes it clear that he doesn't want to miss any milestone in Wyatt's life. In a new interview, the "Anderson Cooper 360°" host revealed that his ex Benjamin Maisani left him "really pissed" with text about his son's first walk.

While appearing as a guest on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Wednesday, June 16, the 54-year-old dad told Stephen Colbert, "I got really pissed at Benjamin." On the reason why, he opened up, "I was going to Israel last week, it was my first work trip for '60 Minutes' and I was doing an interview and I get this text from Wyatt's other dad, Benjamin, and he said, 'He just walked!!' "

Rather than being overjoyed by his son's achievement, Anderson jokingly added, "My reaction was fury." He explained, "In my household when I grew up, you would lie about everything. He should have just lied." The so-called silver fox then quipped, "He should have lied and said, 'Oh no, he's not walking at all so when I got home and he walked, we'd be like, 'Oh my god! It's the first walk.' "

Of his 13-month-old son Wyatt's new milestones, Anderson joked that his son walks "like a drunken sailor," adding that while he's talking, it's not exactly in English. "He talks in a dialect of Hindu or Urdu, I'm not sure," the CNN anchor told host Stephen. He then praised his little boy, saying, "It's incredible. It's a really interesting dialect. He doesn't make any sense at this point, but he's really committed to it."

With Father's Day coming up this weekend, Anderson admitted that until his son's birth, he didn't truly have a connection to the holiday since his own dad passed away when he was 10. "The pain was so great for most of my life I didn't know Father's Day was this date," he shared.

"And yet, the interesting thing about having a child is it's made me sort of connect with my dad and my mom's past and my brother's past in a way that I never really anticipated," Anderson continued. He went on to say, "I feel like I'm in communion with them in some strange way. I remember things about my dad that I never remembered before because I'm experiencing them with Wyatt as a dad."

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