Ceaser Emanuel Denies Sending Cease and Desist to His Daughter Despite Receipt Posted by His Ex

Crystal Torres' attorney also takes issue with the 'Black Ink Crew' star's press conference, believing that he has violated a temporary restraining order against him by speaking out in public about the family matter.

AceShowbiz - Ceaser Emanuel denies antagonizing his own daughter Cheyenne amid child abuse allegations against him. Speaking after a press conference held on Friday, May 21, the reality TV star insisted that he never sent a cease and desist letter to the 17-year-old daughter he shares with his ex Crystal Torres.

Speaking to OnSite, Ceaser stressed that the cease and desist was actually addressed to his ex Crystal because one cannot send a cease and desist to a minor. This arrives after Crystal posted on her Instagram page photos of the cease and desist she received on behalf of their daughter Cheyenne from Ceaser, whose real name is David Emmanuel.

During the press conference, Ceaser denied the allegations by Crystal that he abused their daughter Cheyenne. Speaking in front of the journalists, the "Black Ink Crew" star stressed that he felt the need to make the statement because "I can't let anybody else control my narrative." He also said that the claims made against him "hurt" him because he's been fighting to break the stereotype that people have held about black men.

In an interview theJasmineBRAND, he reiterated his purpose with the press conference. "I'm not gonna lie, this is difficult," he admitted. "I don't like this right now but I know that it's necessary for me to sit here and clear my name."

Stressing that he doesn't create this for a storyline on his reality series, Ceaser explained himself, "I want to let everybody know, this ain't no story. I'm not gonna sit here and put myself through this type of drama for a storyline - especially not with my daughter's mother or my child. People have to understand... this is draining to me."

Calling the accusations "heinous," he added, "I gotta show people that this s*** is a lie. This ain't happen." He went on claiming that he has been "a good father" to his daughter Cheyenne, asking, "Why she decided to go off the hinge" with the abuse allegations.

Meanwhile, Crystal has hired Smith Attorneys Group to represent her in the defamation lawsuit filed by Ceaser against her. Her attorney said in a video posted on her Instagram page that her legal team is "prepared to vigorously fight both the family law matter and this defamation lawsuit." The lawyer stated, "We believe as time will go on the public will see as well as the trier of fact, that this case is nothing more than frivolous, a publicity stunt and is grounded in no law."

Another attorney representing Crystal, Seth D. Schraier, tells TMZ that Ceaser may have violated a temporary restraining order against him with the press conference and will ask for an immediate court conference if it takes place. The order not only prohibits him from contact, but also from any type of harassment or family offense.

Ceaser previously sued Crystal for defamation for reiterating their daughter's claims that he had pulled her out of the shower sometime last year and beat her. She claimed Ceaser "stomped her out" and "put hands" and "feet" on her. Ceaser insisted he only "disciplined" Cheyenne at the time.

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