Sarah Jessica Parker's Farting Scene is Chris Noth's 'Sex and the City' Favorite
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The actor who played Mr. Big in the franchise has a lot of fond memories working on the Carrie Bradshaw series but his favorite one is a gassy scene featuring SJP.

AceShowbiz - Chris Noth's favourite "Sex and the City" moment was smelly not sweet - because Sarah Jessica Parker's character farted on him in bed.

The actor played the show's Mr. Big - the on-off love interest of Sarah Jessica's character Carrie Bradshaw for years - and he has really fond memories of working with her, but their best time together revolved around a gassy scene.

"My favourite (episode) was when she farted in bed," he laughed on America's "The Kelly Clarkson Show", "and I insisted on doing the sound (for the scene) to get it right - because I'm an expert in farts."

The scene sparked a prank idea for Noth, who later picked up a whoopee cushion. "She's (Parker) getting a glass of wine and I put it (whoopee cushion) on her chair, and we were discussing future vacations and she sits on it and goes, 'Waaaahh,' " he chuckled.

Reminiscing about other favourite moments, Chris added, "I also enjoyed falling into the pond with her in Central Park (New York) - that was a one take shot. There were so many great moments of comedy. It was just a blast."

Noth and show favourite Kim Cattrall won't be joining Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon for the upcoming HBO Max reboot of the beloved series, titled "And Just Like That...", but it was announced earlier this week (beg19Apr21) that John Corbett, who played Aidan in the TV series, has signed on to return.

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