'Masked Singer' Recap: The Orca Is Unmasked - Find Out His Real Identity

The remaining contestants in Group A including the Russian Dolls, the Seashell, the Robopine and the Orca take the stage while the Yeti is introduced as the final wildcard contestant.

AceShowbiz - "The Masked Singer" arrived with a new episode on Wednesday, April 14. In the sixth week of season 5, the remaining contestants in Group A including the Russian Dolls, the Seashell, the Robopine and the Orca took the stage while the Yeti was introduced as the final wildcard contestant of the season.

The first contestant to sing that night was the Russian Dolls as they sang Jason Derulo's "Want to Want Me". As for their clues, they included the Lincoln Memorial, a bowl of fruit and a tour bus. Among the guesses were Pentatonix, the Jonas Brothers and 98 Degrees.

Following it up was the Robopine. He hit the stage to perform "Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack. In his clue package, the Robopine said that he had been in an action-packed and fast-paced ride. Meanwhile, his bonus clue stated "AKA." Panelist Ken Jeong believed that the Robipine was Tom Cruise. Meanwhile, other judges named Terrence Howard and Jamie Foxx.

The Seashell was up next, offering a performance of "Tell Me Something Good" by Rufus & Chaka Khan. In her clue package, the Seashell mentioned "Motown", which she said brought her family together. The panelists thought that this could be Ashanti, Tamia, Keke Palmer or Alicia Silverstone.

The next singer was the Orca, who said that his father held on just long enough to see Orca's son being baptized. He also shared that his dad's last words were about how proud he was to see Orca becoming a father. That night, Orca, who also said that he's a father of 10-year old twins, took the stage to belt out "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by Poison. Fred Durst, Billie Joe Armstrong and Jeremy Renner's names were thrown into the mix.

Concluding the night was the Yeti, who showcased an energetic performance as he sang "If It Isn't Love" by New Edition. He mentioned Aphrodite in his clue, adding that he's all about love. The panel guessed Ray J, Justin Bieber or Taran Killam.

It was then time to reveal the results of the voting. As he had the least amount of votes, it was reveled that the Orca was eliminated. Before he unmasked himself, the panelists made their final guesses. Jenny McCarthy initially said he might be Dave Grohl, but then she changed it to Kelly Slater. Nicole Scherzinger, meanwhile, stuck with her initial guess which was Dave. Ken switched from Jon Bon Jovi to Billie Joe Armstrong. None of them got it right because the Orca was Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath!

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