Stevie Nicks Turns Down Nathan Apodaca's Offer to Turn 'Dreams' Video Into NFT

The TikTok star, who became a viral sensation after filming himself skateboarding while miming along to the Fleetwood Mac song, is also said to feel slighted by the rocker's lack of acknowledgment.

AceShowbiz - Stevie Nicks has reportedly blocked TikTok star Nathan Apodaca's bid to turn his "Dreams" skateboarding video into a money-spinning investment.

The Fleetwood Mac fan's video of himself gliding down a street while miming along to Stevie's hit and drinking cranberry juice became one of last year's (2020) biggest viral hits, garnering 12 million views, while giving the band's 1977 song a new lease of life, but Nicks wants nothing to do with plans to turn the concept into a digital asset.

Apodaca is trying to sell the full video as a non-fungible token (NFT), with a starting bid of $500,000 (£360,400), but he can't offer up the music without Stevie's permission. Many artists, musicians and influencers have had their NFTs turned into collector's items.

The rock veteran has reportedly shot down the idea of sharing a digital fortune with the property developer. Apodaca's representative told TMZ on Friday, March 19 that their team had offered Nicks 50 percent of the sale, but she had turned it down.

The rep also told the outlet that his client feels slighted as Nicks never even acknowledged him after he gave "Dreams" and Fleetwood Mac a big boost among younger music fans thanks to his skateboarding video.

Apodaca is planning to move forward with the sale of his clip without the music, as the rights could not be secured.

Nicks has yet to comment. She, however, revealed in mid-October 2020 that "Dreams" was recorded in just 20 minutes. She additionally shared that she wrote it in funk legend Sly Stone's secret recording space in San Francisco, California.

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