Mads Mikkelsen Would Love to Return as 'Casino Royale' Villain in Another James Bond Movie
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The 55-year-old Danish actor who played the main baddie in the 2006 Bond film is keen to reprise his villainous role in another 007 adaptation with Daniel Craig.

AceShowbiz - Mads Mikkelsen wants to play another James Bond villain.

The actor portrayed Le Chiffre in 2006's "Casino Royale" and joked he wants to persuade Daniel Craig to stay on as 007 following the release of upcoming movie "No Time to Die" because he wants to make another film in the series with him.

Mentioning how Maud Adams famously played Andrea Anders in "The Man With the Golden Gun" and then returned to the franchise 11 years later as the titular character in Octopussy, he said, "I would have liked to have gone back with Daniel Craig. It was wonderful to start out with him in Casino Royale, and it would have been fun to wrap it up with his last Bond. I'll have to talk him into doing another one."

Mads can next be seen in "Another Round", in which he plays history teacher Martin, a man who has "simply forgotten how to embrace the present', with his marriage suffering and his kids disappointed in him.

But Martin sees a way to "recapture" his youth when he and three of his fellow teachers decide to experiment on how differing levels of alcohol affect their classroom capabilities, as well as their personal lives - and it seems to go well for him at first.

"He's recharging his batteries and finding his way back to his former self," Mads explained to the Daily Mail newspaper's Baz Bamigboye. "It's all about recapturing your youth. The youngsters, the students, are there to remind us of what we're not any more."

And while the cast enjoyed a "wonderful boot camp" where they got drunk to varying degrees, no alcohol was consumed during filming.

"There was water and apple juice. We realised there was no way we could do this for real," he smiled. "Every single day... 30 beers a day. That would have been a complete no-go. Besides, the communication stops with your director after a certain amount of alcohol."

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