The 'Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol' actor has been ordered by court to stay off the road and slapped with a fine after picking up his fourth speeding ticket in three years.

AceShowbiz - Simon Pegg has been banned from driving for six months.

The "Hot Fuzz" actor was ordered to stay off the roads after picking up his fourth speeding ticket in three years in January last year (20) when he was caught travelling at 63mph on a 40pmh dual carriageway in north London.

Earlier this week, Wimbledon Magistrates' Court handed the screen star four penalty points on his license, which took him to a total of 13, and disqualified him from driving for six months.

He was also fined $900 (£660) with $115 (£85) costs after admitting one charge of speeding on the A41 Hendon Way in his Mercedes electric hybrid.

The "Shaun of the Dead" actor didn't appear in court but his lawyer insisted Simon took "full responsibility" for his wrongdoing.

Richard Saynor said during the court session, "Mr. Pegg pleads guilty and takes full responsibility. He does not want to use up court time arguing exceptional circumstances."

"The ban will cause him difficulties but they will not be exceptional. It is something he deeply regrets and he wants to apologise to others affected by his ban."

Last year, Simon Pegg opened up about his battle with alcohol addiction and credited his "Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol" role for distracting him from drinking and eventually saved him from downward spiral.

He revealed how the production team helped him, "They made sure that my family was on standby to come out if needs be. One of the problems you have as an actor sometimes is separation anxiety. You're away from your family a lot. I'd just had a baby and the thought of being away for a long time was troubling me, so they were just really helpful in making sure I was feeling happy and comfortable."

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