Rapper Chika Defends Grammys Amid 2021 Nomination Controversy

The 'Project Power' star who gets a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist insists, 'They're always going to miss somebody,' in response to the 2021 nomination controversy.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Chika reflected on the exclusion of artists from awards shows like the Grammys insisting, "they're always going to miss somebody."

The "Project Power" star received a best new artist nomination for the awards in November (20). However, artists such as The Weeknd and Ellie Goulding spoke out after being overlooked. However, the 23-year-old insisted it's just "the nature of awards."

"People generally feel like the Grammys don't really understand hip-hop, that they vote in people without knowing what's going on," she told Entertainment Weekly. "How did you feel about the Grammys before your nomination? And how do you feel about it after seeing this year's nominees? Absolutely the same before and after."

She continued, "I've had those moments of being a fan and not seeing someone who I think deserves it be nominated. I fully understand the frustration and confusion when it comes to people being like, 'yo, they don't ever get it right.' I also think that people think that the Grammys is for white people who are like, 'All right, give us the songs. Now let's begin.' That's not how it works."

"There are people who work on these songs and who are in the industry who are given the opportunity to nominate people based on how the year is reflected. With that being so subjective because it's art, they're always going to miss somebody. It's the nature of awards."

The "My Power" hitmaker insisted that whether she wins or loses, she'll still feel like "I already won," no matter what happens on the day.

"Even with me getting this nomination, I celebrated the way it felt, because who knows what's going to happen the day I show up? I'm not going home sad though, because I already won. That's the way I want people to look at things."

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