Tami Roman's Daughter Jazz Anderson Comes Out as Bisexual After Saying She's Still Virgin

The Fox Soul star shuts down rumors suggesting she's lesbian because she's still virgin at 24 years old as she goes public with her bisexuality on her Fox Soul's show.

AceShowbiz - Tami Roman's daughter Jazz Anderson set the record straight on the internet chatters suggesting she's gay. The co-host of Fox Soul's "The Mix" claimed people jumped to conclusions after she said in a past episode that she was still virgin.

"Before we get any further into the show," the 24-year-old star began, "I just have something I want to clear up from last week's show. So, as you know, last week I did say that I was a virgin. I shared that. And a couple of days later, the blogs had a field day."

"People were all in the comments, all in my DMs as well. Basically, I had some doubters. I had some haters and then I had some people who were just like, 'You're gay!' So that's why you're a virgin. You're a lesbian so that's why you're a virgin," she continued.

She was baffled as to why people assumed her virginity had something to do with her sexuality. "I am bisexual," so she declared. "I do look at myself as a bisexual woman in 2020. I've been with females and I've been with males. For me, I'm not going to let anybody call me a lesbian because I do like guys. If I'm ever looking and do like a great guy in the future, I'm definitely down to date him as I've dated other guys in the past."

She said she had always been open about her sexuality with her family and never tried to hide who she was. "For people saying I was hiding, I just never felt like I owed it to ya'll," she said.

As she got a lot of negative comments, she hoped it didn't affect her family. "I have a sister whose in law school and I want to make sure that when I come out and speak my truth she doesn't have to deal with anyone saying anything to her," she explained with teary eyes as she referred to her 26-year-old sister Lyric, who's also a virgin.

Mom Tami and sister Lyric haven't made any comments following Jazz's declaration, but the two gushed over Jazz on her birthday back in July.

"Basketball Wives" star Tami wrote on Instagram, "I respect your grind and all I pray for is that every dream of success that you have come true."

Lyric penned on her own page, "May God continue to bless you. You have been an absolute light in this entire family's life, and I admire your optimism, determination, and sense of humor. The way you can make anybody laugh, say exactly what's on your mind, & never seem to take yourself too seriously are qualities I've always admired and always wished I had lol!"

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