Jaden Smith once revealed that the late rapstar once asked his mom to marry him, but in the alleged letter, it was revealed that Jada was the one who proposed.

AceShowbiz - Jada Pinkett Smith apparently was never proposed by Tupac Shakur. Rather, it was the other way around. A letter allegedly written by the late rapstar has recently surfaced claiming that he never got down on one knee and asked the actress to marry him.

This talk first made its way round during Jaden Smith's radio appearance. "I'm looking at this picture of Tupac on the show right there and Tupac asked to marry my mom," the rapper and actor said, adding that Jada turned it down because she thought they were no more than best friends.

However, in Tupac's letter that he wrote to Angela Ardis when he was in prison, he claimed that Jada was actually the one who asked him to marry her. "I have never had physical relations with her, just friendship in its purest form," Tupac said, before saying the one he loved was a girl named Keisha. "I am very loyal so she's the special person in my life," he said of his lover.

Jada and Tupac first met when they were attending the prestigious Baltimore School for the Arts in Maryland and had been close friends ever since. The late star even once likened their friendship to the legendary relationship of Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis. "Jada's my heart. She will be my friend my whole life. We'll be old together," he said in an interview. "Jada can ask me to do anything and she can have it. She can have my heart, my liver, my lungs, my kidney, my blood marrow, all of that."

Jada's husband, Will Smith, even once admitted to being jealous of Tupac. "He was the image of perfection, but she was with the Fresh Prince," the actor said on "The Breakfast Club". "I was deeply insecure and I wasn't man enough to handle that relationship."

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