During a talk with 'WTF' podcast host Marc Maron, the 'Bad Boys for Life' actor additionally shares his belief that Donald Trump's nasty behavior is a result of him being bullied his whole life.

AceShowbiz - "Bad Boys for Life" star Joe Pantoliano loves playing villains because he pretends he's getting his own back on his childhood bullies.

The actor gained a lot of weight as a teenager, which turned him into a target for teen tormentors.

"When I was 14, I wound up becoming a house (overweight). I put on about 100 pounds," he tells "WTF" podcast host Marc Maron.

"One reason I'm so convincing at playing bad guys is I was so badly bullied as a kid because I was fat. I was always getting my a** kicked because I was an easy target. These b**tards would see me and they'd just start smacking me around... I could never stand up for myself."

Now he knows exactly how to get himself in the right mindset before playing bad guys.

"Seeing those guys in my mind's eye when I was playing those scenes, a lot of times I was getting even with these b**tards... years later," he adds. "My doctor said I was sublimating - (having) unresolved feelings for the bad guys that humiliated me. That's a terrible feeling, to be humiliated like that."

And his own experiences as a bullying target have convinced him that U.S. leader Donald Trump's own behaviour can also be explained by his past.

"That's why Trump bugs me so much, because he's a nasty, lying... guy that had to have been bulled his whole life," Joe explains.

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