'RHOA' Alum Carlton Morton Gets Into Heated Argument With Fiancee for Hiding Bisexuality

Their argument gets so intense that at one point, Diamond Jack returns her engagement ring to the former assistant of Cynthia Bailey and call off their wedding.

AceShowbiz - Carlton Morton, who's known for his infamous fight with Kenya Moore on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", got engaged to NBA dancer Diamond Jack, though their relationship didn't last long. The then-couple who met through Netflix's reality show "Love Is Blind" broke up following an intense argument in which Diamond was upset that Carlton hid the fact that he's bisexual from her.

During their vacation in Mexico, Diamond felt it was unfair for her because she didn't keep any secrets from him while Carlton did the exact opposite. "I get how you feel. I get that you probably feel betrayed," he told her. "I wanted you to get to know me from me." When Diamond asked him why he didn't tell her in the beginning, he answered, "Because in the beginning, you will pre-judge me. If I had told you on the first date, would you have given me a chance? You wouldn't have."

Their argument got more intense as the conversation went on, with Diamond accusing Carlton of playing victim while the latter claimed that the Chicago native was insulting him. "I ain't got time for this because you're having a bad attitude," Diamond told Carlton at one point before she returned her engagement ring. Carlton then threw the ring to the pool while saying, "I don't give a f**k about a ring. F**k a ring! This is why I don't deal with b****s like you."

The scene ends with Diamond screaming the lyrics of Beyonce Knowles' "Don't Hurt Yourself" at Carlton.

"Love Is Blind" viewers were divided after watching the scene, with many saying that Carlton was in the wrong for not being honest from the start. "And this is why people have a problem. BE HONEST!! IN THE BEGINNING !!!! You don't get the right to hide your sexual history especially if it includes the same sex," one wrote. "He was dead wrong. There is nothing wrong with being bisexual, but you should disclose it to your partner," another said.

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