Lord Jamar Isn't Having It After Eminem Admits He's a Guest in Hip-Hop
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When asked whether or not he sees as a guest in hip-hop scene, the Detroit star says, 'The funny s**t is, with the whole beef a certain person, I never said I wasn't a guest.'

AceShowbiz - Lord Jamar doesn't like the way Eminem admitted he's a guest in the hip-hop scene. Following the Detroit star's recent interview about the matter, the Brand Nubian member took to his Twitter account to roast his longtime nemesis.

He said on the micro-blogging site, "I guess his EGO wouldn't allow him to say 'Lord Jamar was right the whole time, & I was buggin for coming at him the way I did...my bad...I am guest in the house of Hip Hop.' " He then added in a separate tweet, "At least the EGO was quelled enough to admit what I'd been saying all along."

"This s**t is case closed, now all together repeat after me...WHITE PEOPLE ARE GUESTS IN THE HOUSE OF HIP HOP THAT BLACK PEOPLE BUILT!" he continued. "Thank you and good night. (Drops mic and leaves podium.)"

Em has yet to respond back to Jamar.

During the interview itself, Em was asked whether or not he believes he's a "guest in the house of Hip Hop." Without mentioning Jamar's name, Em responded, "The funny s**t is, with the whole beef a certain person, I never said I wasn't a guest. I'm absolutely a guest. I never said I wasn't. I never said I was king of anything, right?"

Em went on to say that he doesn't want to be the "king of hip-hop," and that he would never put himself above any other rappers. "I don't want to be the king of hip hop. Who the f**k is the king of hip hop?" he said. "Is there a king of hip-hop? People would say, 'Just because you sell the most records doesn't mean you're the best. Even though you can rap 40 million syllables doesn't mean you're the best.' I care more about rhyming the syllables. I care more about the craft than any of the other stuff."

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