This Is Lord Jamar's Response After Eminem Appears to Shade Him in Rare Post

This arrives after the Brand Nubian MC criticizes the Detroit rapper during an Instagram Live session as saying, 'In general, black people don't f***ing listen to Eminem.'

AceShowbiz - It's a widely known fact that Lord Jamar doesn't have the best interest in Eminem, as he always has something bad to say about the Detroit rapper. Em apparently has had enough of it, appearing to take a jab at the Brand Nubian MC on Twitter on Wednesday, August 28.

Em said on the micro-blogging site, "People think they want this problem till they get it." Reading his tweet, his followers believed that the post was directed to Jamar and that Slim Shady is going to release a diss track aimed at him. "OH S**T LORD JAMAR IN TROUBLE," one individual exclaimed. Using a GIF of a scene from animated series "My Hero Academia", another said, "Lord Jamar: Em I was just playin dawg. Em:"

Eminem appeared to shade Lord Jamar.

Jamar, unsurprisingly, caught wind of the tweet and responded, "Every problem has a solution." Em has yet to respond back, though he might not need to do it because a lot of his fans have done it in his stead. "Problem with Eminem has a solution? I don't think so," an Em fan told him. Meanwhile, one other sarcastically replied, "Don't worry clown. Eminem got the perfect solution to your problems," with another similarly writing, "U are the problem and u will be solved."

Lord Jamar responded to Eminem.

This arrives after Jamar hit back at Royce Da 5'9" for defending Em in a recent interview, criticizing the "Stan" rapper again in the process. "In general, black people don't f***ing listen to Eminem. It's not a f***ing diss, it's a f***ing fact. Did you come at Conway with all this energy you came for me? Did you come at Gucci Mane who also stated the same thing?" he said during an Instagram Live. "You say nobody cares about my opinion, but my opinion seems to bother you very much."

"When you hear people you feel should be falling in line, actually keeping it one hundred? It's just real s**t!" he continued. "What makes me the yardstick of what's cool? Motherf***er being a black man! That's why f***ing white people wanna be like us. My f***ing vibration makes me cool, motherf***er! I'm using [motherf***er] as a term of endearment! I'm not trying to beef with you bro!"

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