'The Bachelor' Recap: Peter Weber Cries as He Regrets Sending Home One Lady

The new episode of the ABC dating show kicks off with a one-on-one date between Peter and Victoria P. during which they showcase a great chemistry while going for boot shopping.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelor" season 24 returned on Monday, January 20, offering more of Peter Weber's love journey. The episode saw Hannah Ann and Kelsey trying to bury the hatchet following the Champagne gate in the previous episode, but things went further south instead.

The new episode started with a one-on-one date between Peter and Victoria P. The two showcased a great chemistry while going for boot shopping. The two continued their fun date by line dancing at one of Peter's favorite bars. They then had a real heart-to-heart talk over dinner during which she opened up about her raising herself and her sister because of her dad's death and her mom's drug addiction.

She got emotional and started crying, prompting Peter to cry as well. In the end, Victoria got a rose.

Meanwhile at the mansion, Kelsey and Hannah Ann attemped to clear the air. Kelsey insisted that she didn't accused Hannah Ann of "bullying" her though she did say some "unkind words." She apologized to Hannah Ann for that.

Later, Alayah, who was a bit drunk, told everyone that she's got a wild side too even though she always puts on a good, proper front because she's a pageant queen. Sydney, however, thought that Alayah was super fake. The two later were included on a group date alongside Kiarra, Sarah, Tammy, Kelley, Shiann and Savannah.

"Bachelor in Paradise" alum Demi Burnett made an appearance in the episode as she woke everybody up the next day with a bullhorn. Host Chris Harrison and Fred Willard were also present to do the play-by-play. They had a pillow fight and Alayah came out as the winner, much to Sydney's annoyance.

Alayah and Peter later had some time alone and she showed him the scratches she sustained from the earlier game. Meanwhile, Sydney decided to confront Alayah, asking her some rather weird questions as she asked her if she works.

Sydney didn't stop as she continued talking bad about Alayah during her face time with Peter. She told him that she was different from other girls, adding that Alayah wasn't genuine and was very two-faced. Alayah cried and tried to convince Peter that she was genuine, though Peter eventually gave the group date rose to Sydney.

The next day featured Peter opting to have private talks with some girls instead of hosting a fun pool party. Peter talked to Sydney, Kelsey, and Lexi, the latter of whom told Pete, "Well, Alayah knows how to turn it on for the cameras, but you need to make your own decision." The fake Alayah speculations aside, Peter enjoyed some time together with Madison. They even kissed.

Later, Victoria P. spilled some tea about Alayah as they were at the Miss USA pageant at the same time. Victoria told Peter that Alayah asked her not to tell producers that they knew each other from the pageant. She added that Alayah was hoping for some opportunities after "The Bachelor" even if she didn't win. When being confronted about it, Alayah told Peter that she asked Victoria to keep that secret in fear of them getting disqualified. Peter didn't buy it and left her crying.

At the rose ceremony, Peter gave the roses to Kelsey, Hannah Ann, Natasha, Lexi, Madison, Shiann, Victoria P, Victoria F, Kelley, Sydney, Kiarra, Tammy, Savannah and Deandra. Two roses left and Peter pulled Chris Harrison for a talk. He considered giving one of the roses to Alayah but he was afraid it wouldn't be a right decision.

Eventually, Peter let Chris take one rose away and gave the final rose to Mykenna. That meant Alayah, Sarah, Alexa and Jasmine were eliminated. Peter cried in confessional, saying that he regretted sending Alayah home.

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