Here Is Why Halsey Ends '3am' With John Mayer's Voicemail
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On the day she releases 'Manic', the 'Without You' hitmaker reveals that the 'New Light' singer left his sweet message before she rose to fame in 2018 with her number one smash hit.

AceShowbiz - Halsey has revealed the voicemail sampled in her new single "3am" is a real-life message of faith from her good pal John Mayer.

The star didn't include a credit for the encouraging snippet at the end of the song, leaving some fans wondering if it was her dad, but she cleared up the mystery on Friday, January 17, the release date for her third studio album, "Manic".

"It's @JohnMayer ! Haha," she wrote on Twitter, explaining he left the sweet message before she rose to fame in 2018 with her number one smash hit "Without Me".

"He predicted the success of without me before I had faith in myself," Halsey added.

Mayer says in the voicemail audio: "Your best song is the song that's currently on the radio. How many people can say that? That their best song was the one that's currently about to be a massive hit. It's already a hit. It's just gonna get more massive. How many people can say it? Not very many. Congratulations!".

John and Halsey have been friends for years, even laughing off dating rumours in the past.

"You know, for being my not-boyfriend, you really do know me so well," Halsey, who is currently dating actor Evan Peters, quipped during a 2018 appearance on John's Instagram Live show Current Mood.

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