Halsey Explains Her 'Cowardice' for Being Silent on Palestine-Israel Conflict

The 'Without Me' singer, who is a vocal supporter of Palestine, takes to Instagram to explain why she remains silent after Hamas' surprise attack on Israel last month.

AceShowbiz - Halsey has broken her silence on the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Hamas. The "Without Me" singer, who was a vocal supporter of Palestine in the past, took to Instagram to explain why she remained silent after Hamas' surprise attack on Israel last month.

"Lately I have been asked why I haven't spoken about the conflict in Israel and Palestine for this great length of time. Especially after my supremely vocal support of the Palestine people in the past few years," she wrote on Instagram Stories on Wednesday, November 15. "A few people have suggested that it's cowardice. And to be completely honest, it is."

Halsey added, "I am, truthfully, exceptionally anxious about navigating my responsibility as a career activist as it pertains to my daily life off of social media: Being the mother of a small child and a member of my community, in addition to the contribution of my greater voice and platform. The global conversation has reached a level of volatility that I'm having a hard time navigating here AND offline."

The singer later recalled having "a volume of violent and threatening events occur that resulted in my home being swatted multiple times and required the presence of snipers in the sky during most of my shows that summer." She continued, "After that happened, I made a conscious decision to protect my family from people who plan to enact violence towards me in disagreement of my opinions."

"However, it doesn't sit right with me that a decision I made for my own family is in turn keeping me from vocalizing support for families enduring far worse violence. Families caught between the brawling hands of a militarized government and a terrorist organization, and the diaspora of both parties trying to get through each and every day," she went on saying.

While the "Walls Could Talk" songstress admitted that she had no excuse for her silence, the musician noted, "I deeply despise the culture of deflecting responsibility to save face in front of the audience demanding comment. So instead I'm coming here to call it for what it is, admit my regret, and reaffirm my stance regarding the liberation of the Palestinian people. I am making a series of size-able donations to relief and support organizations."

Concluding her statement, Halsey wrote, "My politics are uncomplicated and remain unchanged. I condemn any organized body of power unleashing acts of violence against innocent civilians. The rise of Antisemitism and Islamophobia is undeniable. I stand against hate speech in all forms. I stand for freedom and the right to live safely."

Fans showed love and support on social media. "That's true, the threats against her and gigi bella and dua were insane they all stopped talking about palestine because of it," one fan said.

"She is forever so well-spoken and eloquent in her opinions and speech in general. Such an informed class act. Love her," one other added. Someone else raved about Halsey, saying, "Proud of Halsey's courage - for choosing to speak out despite threats."

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