'KUWTK': This Is Why Kourtney Kardashian Invites Sofia Richie to Finland Trip With Scott Disick

Sofia, Kourtney and Scott are reportedly getting along just fine with a source previously saying, 'As much as people would love there to be, there isn’t any drama between Scott, Sofia and Kourtney.'

AceShowbiz - Kourtney Kardashian continues to prove that she's having a great co-parent relationship with Scott Disick and his girlfriend Sofia Richie. The trio had multiple trip together with the exes' kids and a new clip from "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" offers more insight into their relationship and why Kourt is okay with the young model tagging along.

In the newly-released video, Kourt is seen revealing to sister Khloe Kardashian that she's going to Finland for spring break with Scott and their three kids, Penelope, Mason and Reign Disick. "So, I'm going to Finland for spring break," she says, before adding, "And I just said to Scott, like, 'Do you want to invite Sophia?' "

"Oh, really?" Khloe asks, to which Kourt responds, "I mean, we've traveled together already." Khloe then praises her, saying, "That's so nice of you. You are such a great co-parenter. No, I'm not being sarcastic."

Kourtney then explains why she doesn't mind with Sofia joining her family trip. "They don't make me feel like I'm left out though, which is nice. Or else I wouldn't go or invite her to come," the 40-year-old Poosh founder reveals.

However, Khloe is concerned about how Sofia's feeling about joining them during a trip. "So, can I ask a question? Has anyone asked how she feels?" she wonders. "I mean, I haven't," Kourtney admits. "I feel like that's up to them to have their conversations. I'm not here to try to make anybody feel uncomfortable."

Khloe agrees as she adds, "I would hope she would say something, if she was, to her own boyfriend."

A source previously said that Sofia, Kourtney and Scott are getting along just fine. "As much as people would love there to be, there isn’t any drama between Scott, Sofia and Kourtney," said the insider. "They spend a ton of time together, and Kourtney is comfortable with Sofia around the kids."

"Scott and Kourtney have gotten along really well for a long time. It's not only the family trips, but dinners, celebrations, etc. They spend time together with Sofia and it isn’t weird," continued the source.

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