Fans Loving Joseline Hernandez's 'Married to Medicine' Dramatic Cameo
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The Bravo show shares a clip from its recent episode which sees the 'LHH: Atlanta' star not even being hesitant in slamming OG cast member Toya Bush-Harris over her tax scandal.

AceShowbiz - Joseline Hernandez may no longer on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta", but that doesn't mean she's done taking jab at others on small screen. The reality star made an appearance in an episode of Bravo's "Married to Medicine" after being invited by pal Buffie Purselle who's wife of psychiatrist Dr. David Purselle.

The show shared on Twitter a clip from its recent episode which saw Joseline not even being hesitant in slamming OG cast member Toya Bush-Harris over her tax scandal. "I call it being a mother, I don't think it's a job," Joseline said, though Toya insisted that "being a mother is a full-time job."

"I don't think so," Joseline responded. "But, you know, we're gonna keep letting you live it up, not paying your taxes." Quoting Bravo's post of the clip, Joseline wrote on Twitter, "Don't come for my sister @BuffiePurselle or you will get the business."

Fans were both confused and excited to see Joseline on "Married to Medicine". "Lmao yooo WHY is Joseline Hernandez on Married 2 Medicine, and taking taxes jabs at that? I am so weak man," one Twitter user wrote. Another one added, "I cannot wait....Joseline NEEDS to be on reality tv. The Puerto Rican princess don't give no effs."

"I may just have to stan Joseline this one time coming for baby Toya," one other said. Expressing her excitement, one user added, "Miss Buffie Done Got Her Bestfriend On Bravo. Im Here 4 Joseline Shaking It Up."

However, some criticized Joseline for her remarks and for her bizarre appearance on the show. "Joseline oh yes they reaching for storylines this week. TF she doing in married to medicine she ain't got no Dr money an she sure ain't married to a dude with money like a Dr so the relevance???" one fan wrote. Meanwhile, one said, "Being a mother is a full time job. Every family dynamic is different... to each his own. Just don't push your obscure ideologies to someone else."

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