Meek Mill Is 'Sick' After Losing $70,000 in Gambling

A Twitter user calls the 'All Eyes on You' hitmaker 'mad' for spending that much money on gambling in the casino, while others say they could relate with him.

AceShowbiz - Meek Mill just got unlucky at the casino. The Philadelphia-born rapper lost $70,000 in gambling this weekend and he's understandably upset about it. Taking to Twitter to express his feelings, the 32-year-old wrote on Sunday, September 8, "I just lost 70k in the casino I'm sicccckkkkkkkk."

Reacting to his post, some people said they could relate to him. "I be crying bout a dollar I need all mines so whew," one commented. Another shared, "I just tipped my bellman $20 instead of $5 and didn't realize It til I got to my room... I know your pain."

Some others called him out for not using his money wisely. Someone told him, "meek mill you mad...." Another wrote a comment, "That was dumb!" One other appeared to be in disbelief over Meek's reckless way of spending his money, "Six months ago he was screaming financial intelligence, investing and saving on his Instagram."

Others, meanwhile, urged him to use his money for good deeds instead of losing it in the casino. "Should have donated that to some of the victims in the Bahamas," one told him. Another told Meek to pay attention to the homeless, "Buh Meek you could have maybe bought homeless people food(just a thought)."

"I could have paid my student loans with that money!" another lamented. Someone else chimed in, "I would cry if I lost $5 that's why I don't gamble." Another person couldn't sympathize with Meek as saying, "I'm sick that I don't have 70 to start so hey stop complaining."

This wasn't the first time Meek lost his money in gambling. The "Going Bad" rapper lost $200,000 after betting on the Golden State Warriors' win against the Toronto Raptors during Game 6 of the NBA Finals last June. A friend said of his loss in a video, "$200K down, he good. Easy, come on. Super easy."

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