This Is How Angelina Jolie's 'Sweet' Son Maddox Comforted Her Before Leaving for College
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The 'Eternals' actress reveals that she's 'excited about [Maddox]'s choices,' though she isn't confident enough to say that she won't hop on a plane to visit him in the coming weeks.

AceShowbiz - The recent weeks were so emotional for Angelina Jolie as she had to sent her eldest son, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, off to college. The 44-year-old was seen holding her tears back while dropping off Maddox to study abroad as he's attending Yonsei University International Campus in Seoul, South Korea. The actress apparently wasn't able to hold her tears back too long as she admitted in a new interview that she cried at the moment.

"Yes, I cried," the "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil" star said to OK! magazine. She went on saying that her 18-year-old son tried to console her during the upsetting moment.

"He was very sweet and gave me a big long hug," she gushed, recalling the moment Maddox comforted her. "It's that transfer when they start taking care of you and making sure you're OK."

The actress revealed that she's "excited about [Maddox]'s choices." However, she wasn't confident enough to say that she wouldn't hop on a plane to visit him in the coming weeks.

Angelina previously talked about sending Maddox off to school while promoting her movies, "Maleficent 2" and "The Eternals", at the D23 expo last month. "I also, just at some point, had the big [sun]glasses and the amount of times I turned and waved," Angelina recalled the "ugly cry" moment. "I do know it was the one moment in my life I think I turned around six times before the airport just…and he sweetly stayed and kept waving, knowing that I was going to keep turning around. You could feel he knew he couldn't leave."

Angelina made a big fuzz when she personally dropped Maddox at Yonsei University. Dressing casually in a black tank top and pants with a gray jacket tied around her waist, the actress was seen in a fan-captured video telling the crowd, "Yes it's time, thank you very much, it seems like a great school." She added to her son Maddox, "I'm sure you're all going to like it here."

One student named Richard Choi revealed in his YouTube video that Angelina said that Maddox was going to live in the dorms. Richard, who is a Minnesota native, went on sharing, "She knows there aren't much students from America. So right after I told her I'm from Minnesota, she was glad to see another person from America."

Maddox, whom Angelina adopted from Cambodia, is studying bio engineering at Yonsei University. The "Maleficent" star and Maddox had been spotted touring other universities, including several campuses in the United States, earlier this year.

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