Orlando Bloom Brags About Having 'Blessed' Love Life With Katy Perry

Speaking candidly about his relationship with the 'Dark Horse' singer, the 'Carnival Row' actor admits he has learned to 'do the little things' because he believes 'all the little things add up.'

AceShowbiz - Orlando Bloom has opened up about his "blessed" love life with fiancee Katy Perry.

In an interview with Australian website news.com.au, ahead of the Los Angeles premiere of his Amazon Prime Video series "Carnival Row", the actor spoke candidly about his love life with Perry, explaining that sex is a really important part of their relationship.

"I would say that sex is a really important part of life because it's a way to connect, it's a way to show intimacy," he told the website. "Intimacy is an incredibly important part of life because if you can be intimate with somebody, then you're blessed, right?"

The 42-year-old actor proposed to the "Dark Horse" singer back in February and while they haven't set a date for their wedding just yet, he shared the couple is "doing great."

"Being engaged is a lot of work, but we're building a castle that we can inhabit, a metaphorical castle." he mused. "For both of us, we feel old enough and wise enough to know that the odds are stacked up against any relationship."

Bloom who has previously been married to model Miranda Kerr, with whom he shares eight-year-old son Flynn, and Perry to comic Russell Brand, explained he has learned "it's always the little things you do for each other that add up" like writing a note, and consistently "showing appreciation for that person."

"That's something that I think we both try to do for one another," he continued. "I try to be really off the phone and create memories and moments. I try to be consistent, I try to do the little things because I think all the little things add up, like going to buy an ice cream or cup of a tea as well as routine things."

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