Disgraced Romanian Prince Confesses He Has a Child With Mistress After Years of Denial

Nicholas Medforth-Mills, who is a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth II, has accepted he's the father of Nicoleta Cirjan's three-year-old daughter after being forced to take a paternity test.

AceShowbiz - A disgraced former Romanian royal has accepted he's the father of his mistress' three-year-old daughter after taking a paternity test.

Nicholas Medforth-Mills, formerly Prince Nicolae of Romania, has spent the past three years dismissing Nicoleta Cirjan's claims that he's the father of her daughter, but now the 34-year-old has come clean in a Facebook post.

In the message, he reveals he insisted on the test to establish the paternity of "my alleged child", adding, "The result was positive..."

The former prince, who is a distant relative of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, reveals he always assumed legal responsibility for the child.

"For reasons of protecting the best interests of the child, I consider that any aspect of her life is of a strictly private nature," he added. "From the express desire to protect the child and not subject it to any media risk or bullying, I decided to stop any further comments on this subject."

Cirjan responded to the post, calling his message on 27 May "a day that could really not be more surprising...," and adding, "(It) came to me with the lesson of patience. And with the confidence that the truth will always win."

Nicholas, who is the grandson of Romania's last monarch, King Michael, was removed from the line of succession of the symbolic Romanian throne in 2015.

He wed journalist Alina Maria Binder in London in July, 2017. The couple wed again at Saint Elijah Church in Sinaia, Romania last year (18).

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