In the music video that is released through a live telecast on MTV, the 60-year-old is also seen licking her Colombian collaborator's toe as they pack on the PDA.

AceShowbiz - The music video for Madonna's comeback song "Medellin" is here for your viewing pleasure. Making its way out via a live telecast on MTV on Wednesday, April 24, the visuals serves as the introduction for her alter ego, Madame X, whom she has been teasing over the past few days.

It begins with a chilling monologue from the songstress who clutches a rosary as she genuflects inside a chapel. "How could I trust anyone after years of disappointment and betrayal?" she says. "I will never be what society expects me to be. I have seen too much... I cannot turn back. I have been kidnapped, tortured, humiliated and abused. But I still have hope. I still believe in the goodness of humans."

"Thank god for nature. For the angels that surround me," she continues as scenes of her running in the wild flicker on the screen. "For the spirit of my mother, who is always protecting. From now on, I am Madame X. And Madame X loves to dance... because you cannot hit a moving target."

The video then cuts to scenes of Madonna and Maluma, who plays her love interest, packing on the PDA. Things take a steamy turn later on, with the blonde beauty licking the Colombian singer's toe as they play around on the bed. At one point, Madonna is seen getting spanked by Maluma in a dance room. The music video ends with the collaborators tying the knot in a rowdy outdoor wedding that is similar to a carnival.

Speaking of the video during the MTV broadcast, Madonna said, "I worked with two directors from Barcelona: Diana Kunst and Mao Morco. It was really Diana's work that I had seen first. She is also very influenced by a lot of the same painters and filmmakers that I am interested in. Surrealist painters like Frida Kahlo and Leonora Carrington. I felt that all of her videos are very painterly and I loved her color palette."

"I wanted this video to look like a painting," she continued. "Hopefully it does. I just vibed with what she was interested in culturally."

"Medellin" will be included on Madonna's upcoming album "Madame X", which is expected for a June 14 release.

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