Mila Kunis Blames Grape Diet for Ashton Kutcher's Past Hospitalization

Taking the guest host role on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', the 'Bad Moms' star recalls the time she had to take her then-boyfriend to the hospital after he did Steve Jobs' fruitarian diet.

AceShowbiz - Mila Kunis had to take Ashton Kutcher to hospital when they first started dating after a fruit diet made him very ill.

The actor was trying to get into character as Steve Jobs for 2013 movie "Jobs" and decided to take on the late tech icon's eating habits to get a feel for the man - but he went too far.

Speaking to Ashton's "Jobs" co-star Josh Gad while guest hosting "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", Mila revealed she was really worried about her then-boyfriend's health.

"He really gets into his roles...," Gad explained. "To get into the role of Steve Jobs he did Steve's diet, so he did this fruitarian diet thing... and he got really sick doing that."

"Ash and I started dating and I had to take him to the hospital because he was on a grape diet," Mila added. "Guys, don't go on a grape diet... He had pancreatitis or something."

But while Josh and Mila didn't agree with the lengths Kutcher took to get into character as "Jobs", they both insisted he's a great guy - and a really good actor.

"I love him," Gad said, while Kunis added, "He's a much better actor than me."

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