Fans Hilariously React to Tyga's Shocking Transformation to Straight Hair

Seeing the rapper's jaw-dropping transformation, some fans even mistake him for the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Rihanna.

AceShowbiz - Tyga has bid farewell to his iconic braids and traded it for straight hair. The "Hookah" rapper's jaw-dropping transformation naturally shocks many fans as they are used to seeing him sporting his famous braids. Thus, they can't help but poke fun at it.

People got the first look at Tyga's new hairdo over the weekend, when a video of him at the salon hit the internet. The clip saw the 29-year-old nodding his head as his stylish combed out his straight hair. There was also a clip of him on what appeared to be music video set with Blueface and YG. The three rappers were seen jamming to music in black attires.

Some fans compared him to Pleakley, an alien character from "Lilo & Stitch", when it sports a bone-straight wig, while some others thought he was Katt Williams. "Tyga got more/better hair than most of these females out here...," one commented, as there were some who mistook him for the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Rihanna.

"His hair is so much better than mine lmao," another pointed out. "Imagine texting your man asking what he's doing and he replies 'getting a silk press by your hair stylish.' Love his hair. He's so funny lol," one other said. There were people who thought that it was just a wig, but some already debunked it by saying, "That's his natural hair pressed out! Smh people are so slow!!"

This arrives after Tyga got kicked out of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s Hollywood birthday bash at the Sunset Room after he was involved in a dispute with another attendee. Once he was released outside, a furious Tyga attempted to retaliate by appearing to reach for a security guard's firearm. However, the guard reacted quickly and prevented the "Rack City" star from taking the gun from his holster.

Tyga and his entourage eventually left the area without further incident.

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