Trouble in Paradise? Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Allegedly May Never Get Married

The longtime couple is also rumored to be expecting their first child together as the songstress reportedly has changed some of her behaviors recently.

AceShowbiz - Is there trouble in paradise in Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's relationship? Rumors have been swirling that the longtime couple has secretly got married, but neither party has never confirmed it. And now a new report suggests that they are actually never considering marriage in their future plan.

If sources from TMZ are to be trusted, Miley and Liam are satisfied with just being engaged and do not see marriage as something necessary. The sources dish, "The formality of marriage isn't important. What they view as important are they love each other, they're happy and enjoy each other's company."

As for why they decide to get engaged even though they both never plan to tie the knot, the sources say, "Their engagement back in October 2016 was a symbol of commitment, but it was enough of a symbol for them." The Hannah Montana depicter reportedly "has actually said she doesn't want to get married, despite the engagement. She doesn't think it makes a relationship better."

Apparently, the lovebirds are as tight as any married couple without tying the knot. "They're both super chill and grounded," one source explains to the site. "They're perfect for each other."

While it looks like the couple won't be hit with marriage rumors for some time after this, there are other reports saying Miley is currently pregnant with their first child. Insiders believe the songstress is currently expecting as she has changed some of her behaviors recently.

"They're closer than ever. She's just keeping a low profile and friends think it's because she's in the early stages of pregnancy," a source recently shared. "She's avoiding alcohol, craving Popicles and ice, and feeling nauseous. Liam can't stop affectionately touching her bell, either, it's a dream come true for him."

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