Justin Bieber Shaves His Terrible Mustache for Hailey Baldwin
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Some fans who encounter the singer say the Biebs revealed his girlfriend made him shave his facial hair, though he tried to deny it.

AceShowbiz - Bye, mustache! Justin Bieber has shaved his terrible facial hair and debuted his new look on Thursday, July 5 while stepping out in Brooklyn with Hailey Baldwin. His fans have been raving about his clean-shaven look, which is all thanks to his girlfriend.

According to fans who ran into the pop superstar that day, the Biebs said Hailey make him shave his mustache. One fan tweeted, "We were all excited he shaved his mustache and he said 'yeah Hailey made me shave it off, well not made me but you know haha.' "

Another similarly shared, "Ok i just found out that yes it's true Hailey did make him shave the mustache but he tried to deny that she did lmao," before later clarifying, "He didn't wanna make it seem like Hailey really made him do it but I mean we all knew lol."

Justin Bieber Shaves His Mustache

Justin Bieber debuts his clean-shaven look while stepping out with Hailey Baldwin in Brooklyn.

Justin's fans had been complaining about his mustache and shoulder-length hair before he shaved his facial hair. Now that fans know he would do anything for Hailey, they asked her to convince him to cut his hair.

But the 24-year-old star is apparently determined to grow out his hair. Another fan who encountered Justin tweeted, "JUSTIN LITERALLY SAID HES GONNA KEEP GROWING OUT HIS HAIR."

Justin previously said he planned to grow his hair down to his toes. "I'm going to grow my hair down to my toes," he captioned a selfie posted on Instagram Stories on May 28. He added at the time, "Long hair don't care and my stache is gorgeous."

Justin is also known for his careless fashion style. On the same day of him debuting his new clean-shaven look, he was spotted wearing free hotel slippers, paired with blue T-shirt, shorts in matching color and a pink cap.

His girlfriend Hailey, meanwhile, kept it simple yet stylish in a Versace jacket and matching pants. She pulled her blonde hair up in a slick bun and wore a fancy watch.

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