'Big Brother' Star JC Mounduix Under Fire for Sexually Harassing Co-Stars With Ice Cream Scooper
CBS/Sonja Flemming

The 28-year-old is seen on a live feed trying to touch other contestants' private areas with the metal kitchen device, telling them that 'it feels good.'

AceShowbiz - Fans of "Big Brother" were definitely not having it after one of its contestants, JC Mounduix, was caught on camera sexually harassing his fellow housemates. The 28-year-old was seen on the CBS live feed trying to touch other contestants' private areas with an ice cream scooper.

During the live feed, Mounduix was captured entering a bedroom where other contestants pretended to be sleeping. He laughed while snapping the ice cream scooper several times. He then approached Kaycee Clark, who covered herself under a red blanket, and appeared to touch her vagina with it. He told her, "It feels really good. Open up your vagina," adding that he had tried it on himself.

He also targeted Kaitlyn Herman and tried to place the metal kitchen device under her blanket, saying, "It feels really good. Look, look." After that, he tried to go for Tyler Crispen, who covered his genitals and said, "No." His refusal didn't seem to affect Mounduix that much as he was later seen fondling Crispen's genitals while the latter was getting a massage from female contestants. "My kind of party. I want to help," Mounduix said.

While none of the housemates have made a public formal complaint, fans of the CBS reality show were quick to call him out for his unacceptable behavior. Many also slammed the producers for not disciplining him or kicking him out of the house.

"Why are you allowing JC to inappropriately and sexually harass the houseguests. He needs to be removed from the house. By you not taking action, proves to me that you are okay with this type of behavior. Something needs to be done NOW!," a fan tweeted to "Big Brother" official Twitter account.

Another similarly tweeted to the account, "So, we are going to have a season of JC violating houseguests during this controversial time in society and you are just going to condone his behavior? It's disgusting! First Rachel, then Tyler, who's next?" One other said, "With video evidence of his inappropriate touching of females, how have producers not removed JC from the house/game?"

CBS has yet to publicly comment on the accusations.

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